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Practica = Practice and repetition of what we've learnt on previous courses, or as the instructor (usually an experienced STV enthusiasts) feels for it. Occasionally we invite external professional instructors from Argentina and elsewhere. 

  • Instructions/Workshops: The instructor(s) in charge will teach a class of 1,5 hours for mixed level
  • Guided practica  Dance practice afterwards will be Guided  and means that you dance, but  where you have the possibility to ask  for guidance from the instructor or from other experienced tango dancers 

Map-Midjord Bydelshus Nordre Ramsvigvei 1

Regular Schedule@ Midjord Bydelshus 

19.30-21.00 Class for all levels (professional and internal experienced instructors)

21.00-22.00 Guided practica-Dance Practise with possibility to ask for guidance

May be subjected to changes when we have visiting instructors, B2 courses or other events. Guided practica may be skipped some Wednesdays.

See Practica Schedule and postings on main page and calendar

Practica Autumn  Schedule 2015  

See more details about Wednesday's with visiting professionals in 2015
Midjord Bydelshus, Nordre Ramsvigvei 1   

Practica Pdf link           

Practica Spring Schedule 2015


Practica Schedule Autumn 2014 with dates, instructors and themes 


Milonga = Social Dance evening. An opportunity to dance along with music and atmosphere.  
We have an inclusive environment so do not think you have to be an expert to join. To dance in a social setting with more experienced dancers is the best way to improve your skills.  
We have a Sunday Milonga every week 19.30-22.00
@Spor5 (old  "Stills Scene" )

Map- Spor 5-Jernbaneveien 3-5

We also arrange special Milongas in connection  with weekend workshops or other special events

Welcome to an inclusive environment and nice atmosphere-all levels.

Sunday Milonga and other special arranged Milongas- Autumn 2015

Spor 5, Jernbaneveien 3-5

NB Milonga Friday 16 October @ Spor 5 21.00 - 24.00, and no milonga Sunday 18 October.

View from Spor 5

Sunday Milonga and other special arranged Milongas- Spring 2015

NB  No milonga 10 May (may Jazz) ,  24th (Pentecost) and 31th. Milonga Friday 29th

See  postings on main page and calendar

Milonga Schedule Autumn 2014 with dates and DJs