About the Maestros and Videos

Maja Petrović  & Marko Miljević (Croatia)

Photo by Asya Moiseeva.


Maja Petrović has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She has a background in contemporary dancing and ballet, as well as latin and ballroom dances. She attended music school for 10 years, where she played piano and flute. She has also obtained a degree in Spanish and German language and literature at the University of Zagreb after which she continued to work as a teacher and translator. 

Marko Miljević

 was more into sports and almost went pro in basketball. Instead, he decided to study Electrotechnics and later Physics in which he obtained a degree at the University of Zagreb. He later continued his education and in 2014 received his PhD in Nanobiotechnology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

„We started to dance tango in Zagreb, Croatia in 2002 in a small group of enthusiasts curious about this “new” dance. Some 5 years later we began to give regular lessons at the dance school "Tango Argentino Zagreb”. Since 2010 we live in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our first and most influential teachers were Pablo Rodríguez and Noelia Hurtado. Later we continued to work with Noelia and Carlitos Espinoza. We also studied with Federico Naveira and Inés Muzzoppapa, Bruno Tombari and Mariangeles Caamaño, Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepúlveda, among others.

In 2014 we started to work with tango professionally, giving workshops and performances all over Europe (Amsterdam, Minsk, Florence, Karlsruhe, Genova, Budapest, L´Aquila, Freiburg, Treviso, Poreč, Mantova, Halle, Sevilla, Lisbon, Procida, etc.). In 2015, we had our debut in North America at Bailongo Tango Festival in Montréal, Canada.”

Maja and Marko (Tango)

Nani & Emiliano ‎‎(Tango-Cafe Dominguez)‎‎

Maja and Marko (Milonga)

Nani and Emiliano ‎(Tango-Milongueando en el 40)‎

Maja and Marko (Tango vals)

Mariana (Nani) Gonzalo & Emiliano Alcaraz (Argentina)


Mariana Gonzalo (as decribed by Fabian Salas - dancer and organizer of CITA): "I have had the pleasure of working professionally with Mrs. Gonzalo at various tango festivals and events. She has taught in my events several times and in 2014 we shared classes and practicas. I have always appreciated her artistry and highly respected her as a teacher and dancer. I have travelled worldwide and I recognize Mariana’s distinct methodology of teaching. I have witnessed her performances and appreciate her choreographic skills and creativity. In fact, since she has more than 20 years of teaching experience, I can asseverate that her skills are unique and very difficult to find elsewhere making her one of the top professionals in the field. It is for these reasons that I personally invited her to be a part of the selected staff of teachers and performers during CITA.”

Emiliano Alcaraz teacher and tango dancer from Buenos Aires. He travels around the world sharing his knowledge about both the traditional way and the most contemporary way to dance tango in order to obtain freedom in the dance. He has worked in the most important Tango Estudio and tango shows in Buenos Aires, such as Mora Godoy Company, Piazzolla Tango, Esquina Carlos Gardel, and as a teacher in Escuela Argentina de Tango, La Viruta Tango, Carlos Copello Escuela. His teaching is focused on finding the freedom to dance and learn to connect each other.