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Weekend workshops with professionals 2015

This page lists the program for all weekend workshops with invited  professionals who have visited  Stavanger Tangoverksted in 2015 .  The programs for  our practicas and other workshops with visiting professionals can be found here. For upcoming weekend courses see courses

Jean Sebastian Rampazzi & Katerina Sakka 02 - 06 September

Winter spring 2015
    • STV's 1st spring festival 24-26 April
      • Bryndis Halldorsdottir & Hany Hadaya
      • Jean Sebastian Rampazzi & Katerina Sakka
      • Tangospleen 
    • Pablo Fidanza & Julia Marini 27 January-03 February

1st Tango Spring Festival 24-26 April

Stavanger tangoverksted thanks the four maestros for a wonderful festival, Tangospleen  for a great concert and everybody who participated. 

Find detailed program with registration details below.

  • 10 Weekend workshops 24th -26th April 2015 with two great tango couples
  • Concert with the recognized Tango Orchestra Tango SpleenSunday 26th April.  
 As you are waiting for the WSs and performance enjoy these videos!

Bryndis  & Hany (B+H); Tango  &  Waltz
Jean Sebastian & Katerina (JS+K); Tango ,  Waltz  and an improvised Milonga choosen by the DJ (Linkfor Ipad)

Detailed  Festival Program pages 1&2
Registration: tangoverksted@gmail.com, list the WSs you want to attend.  10 weekend workshops and two WSs Wednesday 22 April. Three different levels. Special offer if you take more than 6 weekend workshops.

 Spring Festival Kick off-Wednesday 22 April

pdf link

Pablo Fidanza  & Julia Marini 
27 January-03 February 2015

Workshop på Midjord bydelshus onsdag 28.1.

kl 18 -19.30 alle nivå

kl 19.45 - 21.15 Intermediate

kr 150 for medlemmer/ 200 for ikke medlemmer

Another great Tango week is coming up!
Program fredag 30,januar - søndag 1.februar  På Gaffel Karafel

Fredag kl 18 – 19.30


Tecnique and ornaments for followers


Fredag kl 19.30 - 21


Tecnique and ornaments for leaders

Milonga kl 21


Lørdag kl 12 – 13.30


Special turns of tango saloon


Lørdag kl 14 – 15.30


Small volcadas giving a nice touch and feeling


Lørdag kl 16 – 17.30


No fear Milonga fast and relaxed - complex and fun!


Milonga med show kl 21 - 02


Søndag kl 14 – 15.30


Let's dance tango waltz


Søndag kl 16 – 17.30


Unstructuring our tango- breaking choreographi patterns


Påmelding til tangoverksted@gmail.com

Det vil være begrenset antall plasser.
Først til mølla prinsippet!

150/200 kr per workshop (medlem/ikke medlem)
Du får bekreftelse før du betaler. 

Milonga fredag/lørdag kr 100
søndag kr 50/70 

Sign up to 

Prices and Payment : 

150/200 NOK per workshop 

You get confirmation before payment

Milonga: Friday and Saturday 100 NOK at 
(50/70 at Sunday)

Enjoy the videos