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Workshops with visiting professionals 2015

This page lists the program for all professionals who have/will  visit Stavanger Tangoverksted in 2015 at our practicas and other events .  The programs for our weekend workshops with visiting professionals can be found under courses.

Detailed posters to be found below
  • Murat Erdemsel (Turkey/US), Two workshops Wednesday 02 December
  • Gustavo Funes (Argentina), Workshop and Practica @Midjord, Wednesday11 November
  • Toni Kastelan(Norway) and Elise Roulin (France)Workshop and Practica @Midjord, Wednesday 09 September
  • Jean Sebastian Rampazzi & Katerina Sakka(France/Greece), Two workshops Wednesday 02 September
  • Maria Josè Grattarola (Uruguay) Workshop and Practica @Midjord, Wednesday 26 August   
  • German Ruiz Dias & Leonel Capitano(Argentina) , 16-19 August. Opening Milonga with concert. Workshops. 
  • Mariana Gonzalo (Argentina), Workshop and Practica @Midjord, Wednesdays 03 & 17 June
  • Gustavo Funes (Argentina), Workshops @Midjord, Wednesday 27 May
  • Pablo Di Giorgio and Susana Cannataro  (Argentina),  Guidet Practia, Wednesday 20 May

Two workshops. See program in connection with weekend workshop on link above

Gustavo Funes - Workshops Wednesday 18 November
Workshop 1,5 hrs. 19.30-21.00
Guidet Practica: 21.00-22.00
Midjord Bydelshus , Map   

For private class(es),  pls. contact Gustavo directly through his facebook or by phone: 93 64 65 59 

Gustavo with Mariana

Toni Kastelan and Elise Roulin 09 September
Workshop and Practica @Midjord Bydelshus

Jean Sebastian Rampazzi & Katerina Sakka, Wednesday 02 September  
two workshops Wednesday 02 September. Listed on weekend workshop program above

Maria Josè Grattarola, Uruguay  26 August   
Workshop and Practica @Midjord Bydelshus

STV's Opening Milonga and practica with Duo del Barrio-16&19 August
German Ruiz Dias & Leonel Capitano(Argentina)

Mariana Gonzalo - Workshops and practica- Wednesday 03 and 17 June

For private class(es) 03-22 June  pls. contact Mariana directly through her facebook or call : 45 11 19 75.

Mariana Gonzalo and Toni Kastelan, June 2015

Gustavo Funes - Workshops
Wednesday 27th May

Two classes a 1,5 hrs. First class starts 19.00
Midjord Bydelshus , Map   

For private class(es) 28th May,  pls. contact Gustavo directly through his facebook or call him: 93 64 65 59 

Pablo Di Giorgio and Susana Cannataro - Guidet Practia
Wednesday 20th May

Pablo and Susana will lead a guidet practica.  There will be no ordinary class this  Wednesday.

Part 1: 19.30-21.00
Part 2: 21.00-22.00

150 NOK for both part 1 and part 2
Midjord Bydelshus , Map