Kurshelg med Claudio og Diana 17-19. september

lagt inn 4. jun. 2010, 12:50 av Marit Lie   [ oppdatert 25. sep. 2010, 04:54 av Stavanger Tangoverksted ]
I forbindelse med Åmøytango vil Claudio og Diana holde kurs. De har besøkt oss før og vi er sikker på at dette blir minst like bra som tidligere!
Teachers, Choreographers and Performers.
Claudio and Diana are a dynamic Tango couple. They have their own special talents and unique creativity. Claudio's energy and composure combined with Diana's beauty and grace, form a harmonious flow of cutting edge movement.

Claudio has studied Tango for 18 years and perfected the art of "Spiral Motion Theory." His unique concepts maximize the student's understanding of the most complex foot patterns.  His background as a lawyer and holding a Master?s Degree in PNL (NeuroLinguistics Programming), enhances his analytical and communicative skills. The result elevates his students to the highest level of dancing in a short time.

Diana has studied intense anatomy and the shapes of movement, creating a magical experience of instructive dancing. As a yoga instructor as well, she maintains a balanced approach between corporal and artistic development. She was trained in different styles and her classes are renowned in every community she visits.

Aside from teaching, Claudio and Diana have performed in a dazzling display of diversified events around the world. Above all, their down to earth and caring persona are most impressive to everyone who meets them.
Når det gjelder privattimer kan de nås på telefon:  51896951 eller 96682198. De kan ha privattimer på Madla og/eller Sandnes til og med manddag 27. september 2010.

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