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Maestros invited by Stavanger Tango club 

Stavanger Tangoverksted (about us)  was founded in 1999. On this page we publish videos from professionals who have visited or will visit Stavanger Tangoverksted  in the near future.  

Pablo Veron, Eugenia Parilla & Jarle Sandodden, Murat Erdemsel & SIgrid Van Tilbeurgh, Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh & Jarle SandoddenBruno Tombari y Mariángeles Caamaño, Milena Plebs & Ezequiel Farfaro, Pablo Inza & Veronica Alvarenga, Juana Sepulveda & Gustavo Funes, 

Maja Petrović  & Marko Miljević, 

Jean sebastian Rampazzi & Katerina Sakka, 


Mariana Gonzalo & Emiliano Alcaraz, 

Bryndis Halldorsdottir & Hany Hadaya, Pablo Fidanza & Julia Marini, 

Patricia Hilliges y Matteo Panero, Victoria (Vicy) Arenillas & Leonardo (Leo) Elias, Gustavo Funes & Mariana Gonzalo,   Susanne & Aldo Velásquez , Mariana Gonzalo & Pablo Solari, Mariana Gonzalo & Mariano Pignatiello,  Jarle Sandodden & Marie Zitoli Jarle Sandodden & Louise David  Jarle Sandodden & Ingunn Knutsen Eduardo Bozzo & Isolde Kanikani, Ruth ZimmermannStein Erlend Brandser og Ingrid Apalset, Gato Valdez y Andrea Monti ,  Alicja Ziolko & Constatin Rueger, Alicja Ziolko & Bennie Bartels, Pablo Di Giorgio  & Susana CannataroNilly & Ramon  and more..... 

We have had the pleasure of having several of these wonderful teachers at various ocasions.  We do not have a complete electronic archive over all course programs, but where we have you will find links

We apologize that the list  of visiting Maestros may not be 100% complete. 

The videos are listed according to when the teachers will visit/have visited Stavanger. The videos are a selection from you tube where we have tried to find videos from the same time period as the Maestros visited Stavanger.

Murat visited Stavanger in 2014 and will be back with Sigrid in November 2015


Pablo and Julia have visited Stavanger in 2014, 2015 and will come back in January 2016 

Pablo and Juliia Tango

Pablo&Julia (Milonga)

Pablo & Julia (Vals)

STV's 2nd Spring Tango Festival, April 2016 

Maja Petrović  & Marko Miljević (Croatia)

Maja and Marko (Tango)

Maja and Marko (Milonga)


Maja and Marko (Tango vals)

Mariana Gonzalo & Emiliano Alcaraz (Argentina)

Nani & Emiliano ‎‎(Tango-Cafe Dominguez)‎‎

Nani and Emiliano ‎(Tango-Milongueando en el 40)‎

Visited Stavanger in May  2015 (1st Tango Spring Festival) and in September 2015.

jean Sebastian & Katerina, Tango ‎(Pata Ancha)‎


Jean Sebastian & Katerina, Tango Vals (Temo)


Jean Sebastian & Katerina, Milonga

Visited Stavanger in May  2015 (1st Tango Spring Festival), in 2014 and several times in the period 2012-2013.

Bryndis & Hany (Tango)

Bryndis & Hany, Tango Vals

Vicy and Leo  visited Stavanger in 2013 and 2014 together with Mariana and Mariano.

Vicy & Leo

Mariana and Mariano visited Stavanger in 2013 and 2014 together with Vicy and Leo

Mariana and Mariano

Mariana Gonzalo & Pablo Solari 
Mariana and Pablo  visited Stavanger in 2012 

Mariana and Mariano in Stavanger

Bruno Tombari y Mariángeles Caamaño
Bruno & Mariangeles visited Stavanger in 2008 and 2009



Eduardo Bozzo and Isolde Kanikani
Eduardo and Isolde visited Stavanger in 2008
Sorry, we have not found any videos with Eduardo and Isolde. This is a video with Eduardo Bosso

Gustavo Funes & Mariana Gonzalo 

Gustavo Funes was invited by Stavanger Tangoverksted first time in 2006. He came with  Mariana Gonzalo and Juana Sepulveda in 2007 and  2008. Since 2014 he has been regularly visiting our practicas.

Gustavo with Mariana

Juana Sepulveda & Gustavo Funes 
Juana and Gustavo visited Stavanger in 2007


Pablo Veron & Ingunn Knutsen 
The stavanger tangoverksted was lucky to have Pablo Veron teaching together with Ingunn Knutsen (Oslo)  in October 2005.

From the Movie Tango lesson

Jarle Sandodden & Sigrid Van Tilbeurgh 
Jarle and Sigrid visited Stavanger in September 2005. Since we have not found any video of them together we have selected a video of Jarle & Juana Sepulveda. See videos of Sigrid and Murat further up,


Ruth Zimmermann  

Ruth Zimmermann visited Stavanger in 2005.

Gato Valdez y Andrea Monti  

Gato&Andrea visited Stavanger in Mai 2005.

Jarle Sandodden & Louise David 

Jarle and Louise visited Stavanger in March 2005.

Patricia Hilliges y Matteo Panero 
Patricia and Matteo visited Stavanger in November 2004.


Jarle Sandodden & Ingunn Knutsen  

Jarle and Ingunn visited Stavanger in March 2004.

Stein Erlend Brandser og Ingrid Apalset
Stein and Ingrid visited Stavanger in 2004

Alicja Ziolko and Constatin Rueger
Alicja and Constantin visited Stavanger in 2004

Tango to Chopin

Pablo Inza & Veronica Alvarenga 
Pablo and Veronica visited Stavanger in March 2000 and April 2003. They performed all around Norway with the Show Tango Tanko (arranged by Per Arne Glorvigen). 

Unfortunately we do not have any vidoe of Pablo and Veronika.

Susanne & Aldo Velásquez
Susanne & Aldo visited Stavanger  January, May , September and November 2003 and November 2005.


Eugenia Parilla & Jarle Sandodden
Eugenia and Jarle  visited Stavanger in September 2002. Since we have not found any video of them together we have selected two videos of Eugenia and Mariano Chicho Frumboli . For Jarle Sandodden see video above.

Poema with Chicho

Narcotango with Chicho

Jarle Sandodden y Marie Zitoli   
Jarle and Marie visited Stavanger in February 2001 

Alicja Ziolko and Bennie Bartels
Alicja and Bennie visited Stavanger several times February 2001 (Alicja) , November 2001, April 2002 and March 2008 

Alicja & Bennie

Milena Plebs y Ezequiel Farfaro

Milena and Ezequiel  visited Stavanger in March 2001.

Pablo Di Giorgio  & Susana Cannataro
Pablo and Susana visited Stavanger in May 2000, May 2001, October 2002 and October 2004. They have been teaching regularly in Egersund and came back to Stavanger to teach at our practica  in May 2015


Ole Amund Gjersvik & Hege Fossåskaret  
Ole Amund and Hege  visted Stavanger  November 2000

Ramon Gimenez & Nili Deloya
Ramon and Nili was one of the first couples bringing the tango to Stavanger